My name is Rachel Rowland, and I am the lady behind the lens. I have a super rad beardy husband, a giant bear dog named Maeby and two amazing little humans named Evie and August!

I believe that photos should make you feel.

But more so I capture moments, I am pretty passionate about an image taking you back to that moment in time to relive over and over again. I want more than anything for your photos to be inspirational, funny, mysterious, romantic, quirky, unique… but mostly, I want my photos to reflect you. I want to get to know you – what you love… what you hate, what makes you laugh.. Or cry. You see, the most important part of my job is making sure that I disappear – and you are reflected back in each photo that I take. I want your experiences today to be captured and treasured forever. That is the most incredible part of being a photographer.

Things we love:

IPAs. City life. Maeby. Roald Dahl. London. Haiti. Friendship. Red wine. Legends of the hidden temple. Harry potter. Death cab. Jesus. Beards. Steak. Scrubs. Steak dinner. Slip n slide. Seinfeld. The pens. Date night. Mud football. Yellow. Bonfires. Ipas. November 29th. Slap fights. Pittsburgh Kids Foundation. Pitt. John Stamos. Community. Traveling. Wes Anderson. Phil Collins. Middle schoolers. Exploring. Lord Huron. Sweatpants.Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Vinyls. Church. Eastvale. Road trips. Arrested Development. Family. Legends of the hidden temple. Bret and Jemaine. Flannel. Coffee. Movies. Dancing. Every other Wednesday. Slippers. Walking.

Want to know anything else? Contact me.