Being a Rachel Rowland bride means…


This is about to be one of the best days of your life surrounded by your best friends and family…. YOUR HUMANS. Your day is going to be filled with magic and booze and dancing and singing and cuddling and booze and cake and flowers and dancing and booze and before you know it, the night is over. The night you spent years (if not more) planning is over in a blink of one tear filled, heart eyed blink. That’s where I come in. I am your girl, I will be the one running around behind the scenes capturing each moment. This way, you can just float through your day like the sick lil love puppy you know you’re going to be. Imma capture the details, the emotions, the kisses, the flower girl meltdowns, grandma Betty doing the running man on the dance floor. You’re going to see things in your wedding gallery that you didn’t even see on your wedding day. Your experience will be completely tailored around you as individuals & as a couple. I will never ask you to do a pose or something weird that I am not willing to do myself. 10 years from now you will look at these photos and say “YES, that is US in a photo. That is how we looked at each other, our personalities… OUR LOVE”Let’s do the damn thing. 


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