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Art heart’s Eva! {Moraine St. Park Engagement Photographer}

Filed in Blog, Couples — September 2, 2014

Special Thanks to Rodger Obley Photography for the assist- his shots are sprinkled throughout!

IMG-001 IMG-5 IMG-002 IMG-13 IMG-003 IMG-22 IMG-004 IMG-48 IMG-005 IMG-61 IMG-30 IMG-006 IMG-54 IMG-56 IMG-75 IMG-008 IMG-97 IMG-009 IMG-90IMG-70 IMG-106 IMG-010 IMG-121 IMG-011 IMG-133 IMG-012 IMG-145IMG-151 IMG-148IMG-015 IMG-172 IMG-197 IMG-016 IMG-195 IMG-201 IMG-214 IMG-018 IMG-224IMG-246IMG-019IMG-256IMG-259IMG-268IMG-020IMG-275IMG-288IMG-298IMG-021IMG-307IMG-022IMG-334IMG-355IMG-332IMG-340IMG-362IMG-366IMG-367IMG-023IMG-384IMG-397IMG-024IMG-402IMG-025IMG-417IMG-026IMG-420IMG-441IMG-027IMG-455