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The book is so much better than the movie!

Filed in Blog, La Vida — February 27, 2014

In my downtime this month I really wanted to chat about something that I am SUPER passionate about.


**Stepping up on my soapbox** EVERYONE NEEDS A WEDDING ALBUM!

Every day our generation is inundated with ideas of “the digital revolution”. Insert scene from Back to the future 2 where Marty McFly, inflatable Jordans and hoverboard, are soaring away from Biff’s grandson and henchmen.

Picture iPads, Kindles, touch screens and iPod touches being used as books, phones, televisions…. photo albums. Like moths to the glowing screen we are being drawn in and our view of what is real is being changed. We are caring about aspect ratio- pixellation- HD 1080p.


We are LOSING the beauty of the TANGIBLE. The touch- the feel of paper, of what something ACTUALLY is- not just the image of it being displayed back on our electronic medium of choice. Imagine your first dinner party as a married couple and everyone keeps asking to see your wedding photos. You say: “Sure!! Everyone come gather around my 13″ macbook! and let’s click through the slideshow!” WOMP WOMP.


It’s time that we, as a generation, realize what is REAL. What you can touch- feel and hold. And wedding prints and albums are just that. Something you can put on the coffee table, hang up in the hallway and show to friends and family.



Albums are an heirloom piece. 10-15-20 years from now if you have children, or want to just simply look back at your wedding day. You can proudly place that in front of them instead of an online slideshow!

My wedding albums are heirloom pieces that will last you for a lifetime. It has features such as:

Hard Bound Linen, thick layflat pages, professional design



Our albums are timeless. Let’s reclaim the tangible.