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Time for an Adventure

Filed in Blog, La Vida, Missions — December 16, 2012

I wanted to give you all the opportunity to follow my adventure to Haiti this week. I will be updating our trip via my instagram profile- so if you want updates of the awesome work that we are doing then please follow me!

Haiti has my heart.

I am going down with the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, an amazing non profit that works in the lives of children in Pittsburgh- but is also intensely passionate about growth and safety for children in Haiti as well.

There are two orphanages that we mainly serve: EBAC and IDADEE.

Every year we travel down and put together a camp for these kids… they have the opportunity to just be kids and enjoy themselves while learning the gospel message:


 I also want to mention another organization: My dear friends at the ESPWA FOUNDATION Joe and Chris (pictured below) are also passionate about Haiti. Together with their team they travel down and  and perform medical services to those who have never or almost never receive any, full with labs- technicians- dentists and nurse practitioners. There are MANY ways that you can support this growing effort- if you are interested please click the link above to learn more.

Haiti has my heart.

This is Sendi- She is sassy, silly and beautiful. I cannot wait to get back to her.

Here is what we will be doing this week:

  • Physicals for the children of the EBAC orphanage
  • Physicals for the children of IDADEE
  • Visiting and learning about a new orphanage that is in need of help: Peace & Joy Orphanage
  • Visit different medical clinics in Cap Haiten to learn more about how they are run
  • Christmas party with the children of EBAC along with the christmas story and present opening!


We have A LOT to accomplish in 4 days. But we can and we will. Follow us as we take this journey!