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3 Years Strong

Filed in Blog, La Vida — November 29, 2012

So I was chatting with my dear friend the other day. She encouraged/s me in so many ways, one was was that I need to start showing a little more of myself on my website!  To give my clients/fans a little peek into the crazy life that is mine.    Let me start by saying that I am not great at writing. So if you are a grammar aficionado- I apologize ahead of time.


Today is my third anniversary to my awesome husband Jerry Marshall Rowland.

ladies.. he is mine.


Jerry and I are perfect for each other in pretty much every sense of the word.

I am crazy- He is calm (usually)

I am short- He is tall

I love to eat- He loves to cook

I am quick to anger – He is quick to forgive


We hate Rom Coms, Cats, TV dramas, Going to bed early, The Drake, Summer, Miller Lite.

We love Seinfeld, Fall, Craft Beer, Staying up late, Our Gorgeous pup Maeby (pictures to come), Wes Anderson movies, Steaks, Middle Schoolers, Haiti, Dressing up in crazy costumes, Community, Arrested Development, The Penguins (I could go on)


We also dance… not the snap your fingers and sway side to side type of dance. No, we GET IT- we get it so hard that we usually have to take a break due to hardcore side cramps.  So I thought that it would be fun to show you all of the dancing pictures of us throughout the years… I mean- I am a photographer- I have to have photos on every blog post!


I cannot wait to spend the rest of my years on this earth with you my love.


Most of the awesome photos taken above were from my dear friends over at hotmetalstudio.